A thousand of flavors in one spot.

Mara Restaurant and Lounge brings all the international cuisine from different countries across the globe. We aim to satisfy our customers by providing them multicultural foods with a budget-friendly rate. Satisfied customers are the real assets of our restaurant thus, we don’t exist without them.

Taste is our identity.

We offer a variety of dishes that are full of flavor and taste. We bring excitement to each food that we serve to all of our customers and the taste is the top priority in our list. At Mara Restaurant and Lounge, we build our own standard that signifies the uniqueness and authenticity of our dish without affecting the price rate.

Where food speaks with your palate.

Our chef desires that every dish we serve, our customers will remember the taste in every bite. We let the taste speaks by itself and we let our customers enjoy every moment of our food that they intake.

“At Mara Restaurant and Lounge, we bring all the good food all over the world in everyone’s lives.”